The most beautiful squares

  • 1 Giorno

The most beautiful squares

Our land hosts some beautiful historical squares that deserve to be visited.

In Guastalla, you will find “Mazzini” Square, at the very heart of the town. Ancient “Piazza Maggiore”: this is how it was historically called. Nearby, you may admire the most significant buildings of ducal, civil and religious power. On the east side stands Palazzo Ducale, in front of which you may see a statue dedicated to Ferrante I Gonzaga. The Gonzaga, first of the illustrious family in the city, is depicted in the act of trampling a satyr, a symbol of vice, and a beheaded hydra depicting envy and slander. On the north side stands the Cathedral of St. Pietro - built by the will of Duke Cesare Gonzaga in the 16th century - which has undergone several modifications over time. 

Heading towards Gualtieri, you should not miss Piazza Bentivoglio. Here, you can also admire the Palace which gives its name to the homonymous square, the clock tower and a church dedicated to “Santa Maria della Neve”, whose facade was designed by Giovan Battista Aleotti.

Finally, the last town of this trip - related to the most beautiful squares - is Novellara. You will visit Piazza Unità d’Italia, a large rectangular area, enclosed by Renaissance porches and by the imposing Collegiate Church - dedicated to St. Stefano - on the west side. The square is the heart of the town, dotted with historic shops and usually home to festivals and markets.