The Golena of Luzzara


The Golena of Luzzara

The Golena is a site of important naturalistic value consisting of a stretch of about 10 km of the right floodplain of the Po River, close to the border with Lombardy.

The area is a wetland of particular naturalistic importance. In the Golena there are different types of naturalistic habitats: rivers with muddy banks with vegetation of the Chenopodion rubri and Bidention, plus three other habitats related to running or stagnant waters, which are in general the most characterizing habitats of the site, then forests with Salix tunnel alba and Populus alba and finally some flakes of xerophytic prairie. At the faunist level, the Golena is home to 26 species of birds, mainly aquatic.

One of the major heronries of Emilia-Romagna is present with Nitticora (about 800 nests) and Garzetta. Other nesting species of community interest are Tarabusino, Cavaliere d'Italia, Kingfisher and Little Averla.

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