Internati Island


Internati Island

Along the cycle path that connects Gualtieri, Boretto and Guastalla, it is possible to admire suggestive natural landscapes such as the “Internati” Island. Its name dates back to the post-war period, when it was loaned to former prisoners, in order to face the labour crisis. Then, an agricultural cooperative was created by veterans, to cultivate and produce forest resources. 

Currently, at the “Porto Vecchio” (old port) it is possible to find the wreck of a tugboat and two small boats (bettoline), later bombed by an American plane in spring 1944.



Church of the SS Annunziata

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The original building - located further east - has been affected by frequent floods of the river Po that seriously compromised its stability. A new one was built between 1653 and 1670. The church interior has a single nave, with six side chapels. The vault was entirely restored between 1914 and 1915, as well as a large part of the Temple.