Guareschi Museum


Guareschi Museum

Opened on June 2009, the museum - together with the overall museum system - was conceived as a place to gather testimonies related to the past activities of the country.

A space, in fact, is dedicated to the rural reality of the 50's and to the flood of 1951, while on the first floor, together with a rich photographic collection, a real cinematographic set was recreated, in which to discover the off-scene films and the techniques used during shooting to create special effects.

The Museum also houses the Tourist Office, with many proposals and useful information for visitors, as well as a case dedicated to Raffaele Vaccari (1908 - 1994), a great violin maker of the village of Lentigione, whose violins and instruments are well known and sought after in Worldwide.


monastero san benedetto brescello

Monastery of San Benedetto

Following a legacy by the Duchess Eleonora d'Este, in the second half of the 15th century, the Benedictine nuns became owners of the Monastery, until the advent of the Cisalpine Republic. Then, in 1758, the religious order was suppressed. As early as 1553, the Monastery was home to a school for convent girls. Later, in 1798, the Monastery was suppressed. In 1873, the Municipality of Brescello became owner of the building and transformed it into a military barrack. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building wing overlooking “Via Primo Maggio” was used as an elementary school, whereas most of the building was residential or the seat of small workshops. In 1933, the south and west wings were demolished, while the main body of the building housed the “Casa del Fascio”, and served as a location for meetings and orchestra rehearsals.