Gualtieri Theatre


Gualtieri Theatre

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In the lowlands, next to the Po river, there is a theater, without a stage, in which actors and the public can dialogue in a new way.

The Social Theatre is located in the northern wing of Bentivoglio Palace. The original Theatre – called “The Prince Theatre” made in wood was designed by Gian Battista Fattori in 1775. Later, it was destroyed by a fire. In 1905 and 1912 the local Municipality promoted its reconstruction pulling down some parts of it. During that time, the city life could enjoy many operas, theatre plays, films, parties that where held there. Afterwards, the theatre underwent a time of decay ending up to its final closure. In the 1980s the stage was destroyed during the roof renovation. It was only in 2009 that it resumed life thanks to a group of young theatre lovers who founded the “Associazione Teatro Sociale di Gualtieri” (Gualtieri Social Theatre Association).