Antonio Ligabue Museum


Antonio Ligabue Museum

The Antonio Ligabue Museum Foundation was established in 2014 to promote the artistic work of the great painter, especially with the purpose of turning him into a symbol of both cultural and social development of the community of Gualtieri.

The permanent exhibition includes 37 representative works from the artist's entire cycle of paintings, created with different techniques: 28 oils, 3 drawings, 2 engravings and 4 sculptures by the great Gualtierese artist. There is also a documentary part comprising, among other things, 3 letters from the mother and the medical record of admissions in the San Lazzaro Mentation.

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copertina emergenza 15 Palazzo Greppi

Greppi Palace

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In the village of Santa Vittoria - in Gualtieri - stands a large building constructed between 1770 and 1775 by the family of the noble Greppi from Milano - who had received a large agricultural estate in the area from the Estensi Counts. The palace is placed in the very centre of the village: its location and volume have affected the entire configuration of Santa Vittoria, preventing the construction of a square