Eight municipalities, the river Po, the magic of a land

Un territorio da esplorare lentamente, magari in sella ad una bicicletta,
con tante storie da vivere, a cui fa da sfondo il paesaggio del grande fiume Po 
e il gusto inconfondibile dei sui prodotti tipici.


Home background

The Sbrisolona cake

An ancient recipe, which dates back to the Gonzaga era, but of poor origins, precisely because it was prepared with ingredients typical of the rural tradition: the Sbrisolona cake. Its name derives from the dialect, precisely because it is very crumbly, so much so that it is broken by hand and not cut into regular slices.

The recipe today provides that the flours (white and yellow) and the sugar are in equal parts, reason why in the past this cake was called "cake of the three cups", also the ingredients should not be minced, indeed, the characteristic feature of sweet is in its irregular consistency, due to the fast processing and the rough cut of almonds.