Nature and Landscapes

  • Percorsi ciclabili e per mountain bike
  • 2-3 giorni

Nature and Landscapes

If you are planning to visit the area, you should not miss a bike ride or a walk surrounded by nature. You may download our new free app “Terre di Po” to get information and suggestions based on your needs and travel preferences, and discover 9 different cycling routes - connecting all eight Municipalities belonging to the “Bassa Reggiana”.

We suggest a walk in the “Golena” (floodplain) or in the valleys. The first one is an area which stretches from a river to its embankment. Here, you may find vast expanses of poplars and observe the local fauna - mainly consisting of numerous bird species. You may also decide to take a walk on the river Po banks or to relax, enjoying a beer in one of the many bars and restaurants (in spring/summertime).

The Novellara and Reggiolo Valleys are characterized by canals, ditches, basins and cultivated fields - an ideal place for group walks or solo bike rides. 

The territory extends for 1981 hectares and makes up part of a previous swampy area - due to the hydrogeological instability of some streams in the land (Enza, Tresinaro and Crostolo), which were subjected to major reclamation during the 20th century.

In addition, there are several museums, initiatives and parks, which promote and protect not only our natural heritage, but also the river Po history. For instance, in Boretto you may find at least two museums dedicated to the river: “Casa dei Pontieri” and “Po 432”. The first museum consists of an extensive visual documentation regarding all transformations that occurred to the ways of crossing the river. It preserves objects such as tools, equipment and photographs recalling the story of both life and habits before the construction of the concrete bridge. The second one is an industrial archeology museum. It gathers tools and machinery mainly used in the first half of the last century by the “Genio Civile” and related to both maintenance of seabeds and regulation of navigation.

Guastalla hosts the Mario Lodi Environmental Education Centre, which aims at developing projects concerning environmental promotion and restoration, focusing especially on environmental education. Over time, various nature trails have been created within the floodplain. These paths are marked with specific signs – describing the main historical and natural characteristics of the place. The park is characterized by dense vegetation and both decorative and rural masonry buildings. Numerous birds, fishes and courtyard animals recreate the typical atmosphere of the country houses of the past.

Finally, another funny initiative for both adults and children was carried out in Luzzara through “Forestavventura”, an amazing adrenaline park located on secular trees in the Po natural area.