Important figures

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Important figures

Our lands are rich in culture and gave birth to several important figures.

We suggest starting the trip from Luzzara - northernmost Municipality of our “Unione”. Cesare Zavattini, one of the most important representatives of Italian Neorealism, was born here. He conceived the Naive Arts Museum, which was founded in 1967. Due to an earthquake, it has been temporarily closed. Nevertheless, it will soon be reopened - after some necessary renovations. You can visit a room dedicated to him and admire some of his works at the homonymous Cultural Centre. 

Our trip continues in Gualtieri, hometown of the naive artist Antonio Ligabue. Here, you will discover many initiatives and events related to the painter, such as the Antonio Ligabue Museum and the House Museum. The permanent exhibition located inside the museum includes 37 works, representative of the entire pictorial cycle and of the different techniques used by the artist: 28 oil paintings, 3 drawings, 2 engravings and 4 sculptures by the great artist from Gualtieri. There is also a documentary section including 3 letters written by his mother and the medical record of his hospitalization in the San Lazzaro Asylum.

Then, we head towards Brescello - also known as the town of “Peppone and Don Camillo”. Giovannino Guareschi used these lands as a setting for his novels - about the Mayor and the local priest’s skirmishes. Here, it is possible to visit two museums entirely dedicated to the main characters of the book and to their author. The “Peppone and Don Camillo” Museum is a place where visitors can go back in time, among original film posters, black and white photographs and objects from the film sets. The museum preserves various memorabilia from the shooting of the film, including: Peppone’s motorbike, the main characters' bikes - used in the final scene of the third film - the sidecar and the projector used to show the first film (“Don Camillo”, directed by Julien Duviver, 1952) at the “Cinema Verdi” in Brescello, as a world premiere. In addition, in the main square of the town (Piazza Matteotti), you can admire two bronze statues representing Peppone and Don Camillo, who “greet” each other from the sides of the “piazza” (Don Camillo near the church, Peppone in front of the Town Hall).

Finally, the last town of our trip is Novellara, the hometown of Augusto Daolio - founder and leader of the band “Nomadi”. He was born and raised here, and now he rests in the municipal cemetery. His tomb is easily recognizable, since it is surrounded by any kind of object, such as drawings and flowers - making it a kind of pop-art Mausoleum, thanks to his fans, who keep arriving from all over Italy to show their devotion to Augusto.