Church of San Giacomo Maggiore


Church of San Giacomo Maggiore

The sources trace the church dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore around 1100. Documents of the XIII century indicate it as dependent on the Plebano plebana.

The church is an integral part of an agricultural court. Enlargements and modifications occurred in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have affected the apse, the bell tower and the facade, configuring the current building.

The church, with a single central nave, ends with the carved and gilded wooden main altar, the choir and the statue of San Giacomo Maggiore. On the nave there are two side chapels and the baptistery; to the south, that of the B.V. del Carmine, richly decorated with sixteenth-eighteenth-century stuccoes and an elegant wooden door with the statue of the Madonna del Carmine; to the north the seventeenth-century chapel of San Carlo Borromeo.

The baptistery with a red Verona marble basin and octagonal wooden roof is enclosed by a wrought iron gate from the early nineteenth century.