The Civic Well


The Civic Well

The construction of the Civic Well dates back to 1765, when a decree by the Duke of Modena established the closure of all the wells located in the new square, in order to avoid the surfacing of the Po river springs. The construction of a single well for the use of the community was thus deliberated and its design was entrusted to Giovan Battista Fattori.

Fattori designed it in the shape of a small temple and placed it in the centre of the square, on axis with the facade of the Church of Sant’Andrea, in order to create a prospective connection between the two buildings and strengthen the perception of the square as a unity. It has an octagonal central body, surrounded by a porch with Doric-Tuscan columns, below which it is possible to observe openings used to draw water.  


copertina emergenza 15 Palazzo Greppi

Greppi Palace

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In the village of Santa Vittoria - in Gualtieri - stands a large building constructed between 1770 and 1775 by the family of the noble Greppi from Milano - who had received a large agricultural estate in the area from the Estensi Counts. The palace is placed in the very centre of the village: its location and volume have affected the entire configuration of Santa Vittoria, preventing the construction of a square