A walk in Boretto

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A walk in Boretto

Boretto lays along the right bank of the Po, which has always been a very important center for the trade of the Serenissima and still today hosts the Basilica dedicated to "San Marco" and next to the parish church, on a pillar, a lion of San Marco, gift from Venice. The walk continues towards the Museum Museum Cantiere del Po, dedicated to industrial archeology that preserves a series of objects, tools and machinery used mainly in the first half of the last century by the Civil Engineers for the maintenance of the seabed and the regulation of navigation. Then we walk towards 'Casa dei Pontieri' which is located on an old barge bridge.

The day ends at the Belvedere Museum House which houses a collection of works by the painter and writer Pietro Ghizzardi (1906-1986) as well as the artist's residence.

In the territory of Boretto it has always been cultivated a particular species of onion known as Borettana onion. Moreover, typical is the Emilian cuisine, with strong influences from Parma and Reggio Emilia, given the location of the common site between Parma and Reggio Emilia.

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