Council Hall


Council Hall

The Hall hosts some Art Nouveau frescoes by M. Nizzoli.

Marcello Nizzoli, born in Boretto in 1887, was an internationally renowned artist, above all in the field of Design and posters. He was entrusted with the task of decorating the Council Hall in 1911. Among his early works, the frescoes in the Hall represent a beautiful example of the early 20th century decorative art. Entering the hall, the west wall houses the two figures of the Eridan Father and the Mother Ceres; the symbol of the Municipality, the banner, overlooks the front door; the Bacchae scene symbolizes the alternation of human passions.

In the south wall stands out the figure of Justice - holding an olive branch in his hands - inserted in a frame in the shape of a cross. Hanging from the ceiling you can admire a chandelier, designed by the artist and created by Renato Brozzi. The chandelier, in wrought iron, summarizes the stylistic code of the entire decoration and expresses the refined naturalism present in the friezes of the ceiling.