Church of S. Stefano


Church of S. Stefano

The original structure of the church of Poviglio, probably dating back to the eleventh century, had to be about as the current church but incorporated in the castle. It was accessible only by the lord of the castle through a door on the side.

Restored in the 19th century, it has a wide and luminous façade, divided by pilasters, liturgically oriented from east to west. The façade presents a raised central part, completed by a triangular frontispiece, connected on the sides by arched fastigios with pyramidal acroteria on the vertex.

The church, with three naves divided by pillars, houses inside two polychrome plaster frontals and an octagonal baptismal font in Verona marble with rosettes and shields. The tower of the fifteenth century has undergone several renovations. In the bell tower, on the first floor, you can see a fresco of the Madonna and Angels, from the Middle Ages.