Church of S. Maria degli Angeli o della Concezione


Church of S. Maria degli Angeli o della Concezione

Franciscan Church built in late Lombard Renaissance style, consecrated in 1525 and dedicated to the "Most Holy Virgin of the Angels". Being part of the perimeter line of the new fortification to defend the territory, it was demolished in 1552 by the will of the Duke Ercole II Este, with a project by the architect Terzo Terzi. Terzi himself designed the new church, then rebuilt in 1602, along the Via Roma, then rebuilt between 1720 and 1723, used as a barracks and lazaretto in the Napoleonic era and finally reopened to worship in 1823.


monastero san benedetto brescello

Monastery of San Benedetto

Following a legacy by the Duchess Eleonora d'Este, in the second half of the 15th century, the Benedictine nuns became owners of the Monastery, until the advent of the Cisalpine Republic. Then, in 1758, the religious order was suppressed. As early as 1553, the Monastery was home to a school for convent girls. Later, in 1798, the Monastery was suppressed. In 1873, the Municipality of Brescello became owner of the building and transformed it into a military barrack. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building wing overlooking “Via Primo Maggio” was used as an elementary school, whereas most of the building was residential or the seat of small workshops. In 1933, the south and west wings were demolished, while the main body of the building housed the “Casa del Fascio”, and served as a location for meetings and orchestra rehearsals.