Ruggero Giorgi Museum


Ruggero Giorgi Museum

The painter Ruggero Giorgi was born in 1887, into a farming family. After the artistic apprenticeship at the “Cignaroli” Academy in Verona (1910), during 1912, he lived in Munich for five months - where he attended Heinrich Knirr’s courses and approached German expressionism. Later, he spent a brief period in Paris and came into contact with some avant-garde artistic movements: Cubism, Abstractism and Fauvism.

The Art Collection “Antonio Ruggero Giorgi” was set up in 1975 by the Municipality of Reggiolo, thanks to a legacy donated by the author to his hometown. It is part of the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Emilia-Romagna catalogue and consists of 35 oil paintings and 30 graphic works (drypoint, pencil, India ink). The painting section has so far been housed in the Hall of the Town Council, whereas the graphic works have been placed in some of the offices of the Town Hall.


san rocco

Church of San Rocco

The building is based on a 15th-century Oratory - rebuilt in 1578 and again in 1760. It is located in “Via Matteotti” - the main street of the town - and its distinctive feature is the statue representing the “Madonnina nella roccia”. Actually, the people living in Reggiolo also refer to it as the church of the “Madonnina di Lourdes”. It has a high slender facade enclosed by Doric pilasters, completed by a curvilinear pediment. The belfry has single-light windows and a cuspidate roof. The interior is characterized by an unusual quadrangular hall, an elliptic dome supported by columns and semi-columns and a “cupolino” (smaller dome).