Novellara and Reggiolo Valleys


Novellara and Reggiolo Valleys

This territory is characterized by canals, ditches, basins and cultivated fields - an ideal place for group walks or solo bike rides. 

The Novellara and Reggiolo Valleys extend for 1981 hectares and make up part of a previous swampy area - due to the hydrogeological instability of some streams in the land (Enza, Tresinaro and Crostolo), which were subjected to major reclamation during the 20th century.

Nowadays, they are part of suggestive landscapes - where you can take walks or go for a bike ride, and plants and animals thrive.

  • Walking
  • Percorsi ciclabili e per mountain bike
  • Percorsi segnalati
  • Parchi



san rocco

Church of San Rocco

The building is based on a 15th-century Oratory - rebuilt in 1578 and again in 1760. It is located in “Via Matteotti” - the main street of the town - and its distinctive feature is the statue representing the “Madonnina nella roccia”. Actually, the people living in Reggiolo also refer to it as the church of the “Madonnina di Lourdes”. It has a high slender facade enclosed by Doric pilasters, completed by a curvilinear pediment. The belfry has single-light windows and a cuspidate roof. The interior is characterized by an unusual quadrangular hall, an elliptic dome supported by columns and semi-columns and a “cupolino” (smaller dome).